Saturday, June 7, 2014

Double Bacon Pretzel Yumminess!!!  With a side of beer cheese dipping sauce - why not!

The new (and insane looking) Falcon's Fury ride at Busch Gardens has been delayed so they can ensure everyone's safety (thank heavens!).  In the meantime check out the new food options near the ride area (between the carousel and the German Brauhouse).  BACON PRETZELS!! Did I mention they are also offering craft beer flights here too!  (Although it was sad to see the old spider claw ride go away).

And for some whimsical charm, don't forget to look up for your beer mugs and chairs....

Sign above the entrance to the new Falcon's Fury Area.
I recommend the fury bacon pretzels, the bacon was of a very good quality (think: neuske) and you can see they weren't overly salted which helps.  The beer cheese dip was meh - should be served warm and not cold, but nonetheless a unique spin on your typical amusement park food.  This place will be crazy busy and it was nice to see some shaded areas, adirondack chairs and lots of areas for people to wait while others are in line for the fury ride.  I'm going to leave it to someone else to review that ride, I'd rather not plunge face first towards the ground for fun.... you will find me munching on my bacon pretzels and sipping my beer instead :)

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