Saturday, March 23, 2013

Homemade goodies

Some of my favorite homemade items for family friends and our local food and craft swap.  Let me know if you want of the recipes or check out homemade swappers of Sarasota.  Pretty much all of these recipes can be found on my swap and recipe board on pinterest under the name penguinkat
Some of the yummy swap items I got from the Sarasota Swappers

Some great homemade and practical items too


tortellini skewers for our holiday party

ornaments for our swap group

my homemade swap items

rosemary lemon syrup from Southern Living

our outdoor dinner party for my birthday in 2012

my birthday party in our backyard

my birthday party

cheese plate

cake batter truffles as seen on pinterest, very rich
find the recipe here

homemade chocolate fondue

reindeer brownies

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