Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Calling All Cornbread Lovers and Campers!

I got a chance to try out my new Lodge Double Dutch Oven and Casserole with Skillet to make some homemade bread this morning, and now my house smells heavenly
I have somehow never cooked with a cast iron pot before and as many times as I have tried delicious cornbread or those heavenly cookie skillets I never thought I needed one.  We recently went on a family camping trip and while preparing I saw this fantastic deal on amazon so I was smitten.  Although it sadly arrived the day after I got back - there is no doubt it will be joining my chuck wagon for many future trips.  Mine not only has a 5 Qt dutch oven but that lid doubles as it's own skillet fitting perfectly together or used separately (for under $35 including shipping that's quite a steal!) 

Lodge is the most well known cast iron cooking manufacturers in the USA and if kept up well your pots will outlive you easily.  Care is pretty easy too - always dry your pots as quick as you can and immediately use cooking oil to wipe them down (don't forget the tops and bottoms if you are going to be using it on grill or campfire someday too.  Many people suggest not using soap to clean and instead just hot water and a scraper if needed.  We were improvising while camping and I was very ready to get one of these for next time.  My homemade sauce and angel hair faired pretty well in a regular stockpot, I cannot imagine how nice the flavors would have layered in cast iron though.
 Even tending to the bacon in a regular pan was tough work on cleanup.
  My bread, however, came out like a charm this morning.  
Crunchy on top and on the sides and perfectly baked inside. 

You can find an awesome cornbread recipe that belonged to Truman Capote's family, excerpted from  James Beard Award-winning author Crescent Dragonwagon's cookbook The Cornbread Gospels, by clicking here
And finally, sharing one more campfire treat that turned out a lot more moist than I had intended but tasted delicious... gonna have to test these a few more times on the grill at home to get it to perfection.
This was VERY fun and easy to make campside.....

And here is the easy recipe for you to try located at The Get out with the Kids at Campfires Blog. 

As the weather cools down -will you be cooking up something yummy at a beautiful campsite in nature or right in your own home or backyard?  Either way - consider getting some cast iron cookware and you will be thrilled with it for life!