Sunday, November 3, 2013

Happiest (and yummiest) place on earth!

Disney + Food + Wine +Festival = Heaven on Earth! 

There is only one week left to enjoy this year's Epcot Food and Wine Festival.... which runs Sept 27 - Nov 11th in Orlando. 

For those who live too far and cannot make it this year, I hope you can vicariously taste the yummy memories we made this year!
No worries about finding your way around a theme park much less a festival..... everyone gets a "passport" with the menus, showtimes, cooking classes and more! 
Start off with a taste of Paris..... these mini Eiffel tower champagne flights were adorable!
The Refreshment Port next to Canada had Dole Pineapple fritters- a perfect 'breakfast'!   
In France we enjoyed Beef Bourguigon
Chicken Potstickers in China

Cheddar cheese soup from Canada

A tangy almond crusted clue cheese souffle with fig jam at the cheese booth (sadly no fondue this year but this certainly sufficed!)
An annual favorite from Poland, Kielbasa and Potato Pierogi with caramelized onions
Japanese Sushi!

My personal favorite by far, was the Canadian "Le Cellier" Wild mushroom beef filet mignon with truffle butter sauce- absolutely melted in your mouth!

Hawaii had Kahlua pork sliders with pineapple chutney and spicy mayo.... the bowl in front was their cool lotus root chips to accompany this tuna poke

ohmygoodness, frozen smores!!!  They had these at the champagne booth..... our friend Bill went nuts over this (and he takes a pretty good picture of it too!!)
Having visited the tv show "The Chew" last fall with our friend Renee, I kept wanting to try Carla Hall's fabulous cookies I have heard so much about.  Here is a shot of Carla and I from that fun show and you can learn more about her and her Alchemy by Carla Hall line on her website here!
These tiny sugar-cube sized morsels are unbelievably good -she has a great recipe for these... You can order them to be shipped to your house if you cannot make it out to Epcot.  My treats include pecan shortbread with vanilla salt (you simply cannot eat just one), black forest crinkle, and Mexican chocolate chip! 

An awesome event with great friends is truly the way to celebrate life!

Hope you make it there before the magic ends!